Tin Angel at the Eccles Theater

About Tin Angel

The name Tin Angel has a long history in the downtown area of  Salt Lake City. In the 1960's there was a bar on about 350 South State Street called The Tin Angel that was famous for their sparkling Drag Queen performances. Yes you read that right. A drag bar in SLC in the 1960's. There is a picture below from a handbill of one of those lovely events. 40 years later, in 2007, the son of the owner of that bar opened a little restaurant on 400 south and 400 West and called it Tin Angel. In 2019 that restaurant moved into the current location inside the Eccles Theater at 131 South Main Street in Salt Lake City where we weathered the storm of a global pandemic and have risen from the ashes intact.

In our current form we are perched right in the lobby of the Eccles Theater. We open a few hours before each performance to serve creative food, cocktails and wine to theater goers. We are also available to book for private parties. Email Kestrel at TheTinAngel@gmail.com for inquiries. We do occasional Wine Dinners, Drag Brunches and other public events. Join our mailing list below if you would like to know about these.


Where are you located?

We are right inside the lobby of the Eccles Theater at 131 South Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah. Our restaurant footprint is inside the doors facing Main Street at the South end of the lobby. We have our own dedicated doors just to the right of our patio dining area.

Is this sit down dining, or casual counter service?

We are a full service restaurant with a liquor license. As such we do  seated dining service with a server who takes your order and brings your food and drinks to the table. There is not a bar area or bar seating

Can I take food and drinks from the restaurant into the theater?

Unfortunately, no. All our food and drinks must be consumed in the restaurant footprint. The concession stands on each level of the theater do sell snacks and drinks (including beer) that can be taken into the theater.

Can I just have a cocktail, beer or glass of wine before the show?

Utah state law for the type of liquor license we hold requires that every table ordering alcohol must also order food. We do have some lighter fare to accompany our drink list like a simple bowl of spiced nuts priced at 1$

Do you have a patio and are dogs allowed?

Yes and Yes. Patio dining is weather permitting. We do not take specific requests for patio seating as weather can change any time so it's given to reservations as they arrive.

Dogs on the patio must be on leash and be Heckin' Good Bois. Our servers are sometimes carrying big trays of drinks and so dogs can't roam free on the patio.

Where should I park?

If you're attending a performance at the Theater your best option is to park in the large parking structure to to the East of the Theater. You can enter from State street and about 120 South or from either end of Regent Street. Another good option is to park in the parking structure below the City Creek Mall. If you are just coming to dine with us there is usually street parking available somewhere nearby or there is 2 hours free at The City Creek Shopping Center to the North us with about a 1/2 block walk.

How do I make a reservation?

Please see the tab above, 'Reserve a table', and enter your info there. If a date is not highlighted it means we are either not open that date or if it's more than about a month away it could mean we have not yet opened that date for reservations. In general we open up the dates about 6 weeks ahead of show time but this can vary, especially if a show books without much advance notice. If the date is highlighted but no times are presented it means we have taken all the reservations we are able to on that date. We do fill up before most shows so book at least a week in advance if you would like to join us. We can take a couple of walkins most evenings but there is often a long list waiting for those tables so making a reservation is your best bet.

How long should I plan to be there for dinner before a show?

We are very fast and so far we have never been the cause of a guest being late for a show. If you want to have a full dining experience with drinks, appetizers and dessert plan on at least an hour. We can do a quick service in about half hour to 45 minutes.

If you would like to just have a quick drink and bite right before the show you can drop in close to show time. We can usually fit you in during the half hour right before the show, get you an appetizer and some drinks and still get you to the show on time.

Are you open for drinks during intermission?

Not usually. There have been times that we've tried this but most shows have about a 15 minute intermission and we haven't found that many people want to take the risk of getting back to their seats late. If this ever changes I will update it here.

Can I count on you to get us our bill and not make us late for the show?

Yes. We have a 100% Success rate of getting people to the show on time. We are right in the lobby and can hear the bells chime and the countdown to the start of the show. Our servers take this timing very seriously and will warn you if you are ordering things too close to show time that might cause you to be late.

 How can I contact someone from the restaurant?

We don't have a phone line in the building but you can email us at TheTinAngel@gmail.com with any concerns. If you are wanting to let us know you will be a few minutes late please just don't worry about it. Up to 20 minutes late is not a problem for us. If you will be more than 20 minutes late we will have to give your table to another guest and when you arrive we can put you at the very top of the wait list.

Are Children allowed?

Yes we welcome children. We do have a highchair and a few menu items for kids. Ask for the children's menu for guests 12 and under when you arrive.

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