Tin is Hot


Tin Angel is one of those restaurants that has a perfect sense of its own style. Whether you like it or not, it’s a place that will get noticed. If it wasn’t in Salt Lake, we would say it belongs in Austin with its corrugated steel roof and live music lineup. But the organic-friendly menu, unique artwork and the pots of planted herbs that decorate the tabletops make it distinctly Salt Lake.

Still new, Tin Angel has already made its mark on the neighborhood at 400 South and 400 West. Visit the neighboring stores (like the Vespa dealer; always a nice distraction), and they’ll ask you if you’ve yet tried out the new restaurant; eager to show off their new resident.

It’s easy to see why. We sat on the outside patio—right on 400 South though traffic is barely noticeable— on a cooler afternoon and enjoyed Italian sodas, friendly-but-not-overbearing service, and tasty entrees. Tin Angel features a unique and unexpectedly upscale menu, with specialty fare like:

  • Organic Marinated Chicken Skewers: “All-natural chicken, marinated in fresh herbs, garlic and extra-virgin olive oil; grilled and served with lemon aioli sauce,” $9
  • Breasola on Foccacia: “Cured beef tenderloin sliced paper-thin with fresh arugula, shaved parmesan and roasted tomato tapanade on foccacia bread,” $9
  • Spinach and Fontina Zuppa: “Baby spinach, dairy cream, garlic and fontina cheese with crostini”; $4, cup; $6, bowl

Our party of three enjoyed all of the above, along with a healthy-portioned side salad ($4). We found ourselves impressed with the presentation as well as the quality of the ingredients. Our only complaint is that for the relatively casual atmosphere, it felt ever-so-slightly overpriced. But after tasting the pitch-perfect flavor of your soup, it’s easy to overlook. And Heidi, who tipped us off to Tin Angel, says its bread pudding is the best she’s ever tasted. Which means that’s what we’ll be ordering next time we go for dinner.